Sunday, October 5, 2014

Scum and Villany: The Hounds Tooth

The Hounds Tooth

The Hounds Tooth was a modified Corellian Engineering Corporation YV-666 light freighter owned by the Trandoshan bounty hunter and slaver Bossk. Bossk acquired the ship after Han Solo and Chewbacca destroyed his former ship.

The Hound's Tooth's main deck contained Bossk's private quarters, a training chamber, an armory and an advanced medical bay. Its aft section was modified into a prison equipped with a series of magnetically reinforced holding cages which were connected to a force-field generator activated by motion sensors in the event a breakout took place. The prison also had a skinning table for skinning Wookiee captives, his trophy collection and interrogation devices.
The command bridge was situated on top of the main hull and provided access to all the Hound's Tooth's systems. Its cockpit was equipped with a monitor bank which relayed information from hidden sensor screens, allowing the Trandoshan to monitor the entire vessel. The vessel also had an interior scanning system for monitoring cargo, motion sensors which were linked to neural stunners, sub-q injectors and shock panels, and voice-recognition security systems which prevented unauthorized access of the ship's ramp. These included anti-personnel blasters, a durasteel net and an electrocution array.

The bottom deck contained the Hound's Tooth's engines, power core, and weapons systems. The vehicle's armament were a turret-mounted quad-laser cannon, a secondary ion cannon, and a forward-firing concussion missile launcher that carried up to six missiles. A scout ship, Nashtah Pup, was stored in the interior for emergency operations. 
Its propulsion system was simple though it gave the Hound's Tooth a considerable amount of maneuverability despite its size. Its standard ion engines generated thrust while a pair of long maneuvering fins linked to the engines provided vertical movement. Two main drive nozzles between the fins of the vessel controlled turning.
The onboard systems were controlled by a X10-D droid brain that was capable of responding to verbal commands from anywhere on the ship. It also controlled most of the Hound's Tooth's systems including weapons and security. The bridge and Bossk's private quarters also featured datalinks connected with the droid brain.
Now that the expansion for X-Wing Miniatures: Scum and Villany is right around the corner, I'm hoping that this craft will be on the short list of possible releases!

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